Inspirational pizza

Think not what you can teach your child, but what your child can teach you.

I feel like I am becoming more intelligent.  Is that even possible?  Is intelligence an inherent thing, and knowledge is the thing I am gaining.  Look, see? I am even questioning myself and expanding my mind in my quest for a deeper understanding.

If home education is having the same impact on my children as it is on me, then we are on a winner here.   I am way more interested in everything, I am absorbing more information in order to pass it on, I am questioning everything and viewing life through the eyes of children.  As a result, each and every day is packed full of fun and learning and enquiry.  I genuinely feel as if I am getting more out of life and days are not slipping by unappreciated.  I hope the kids feel the same.

Their minds are amazing. There are countless examples of this, every single day. Sometimes in very small ways.  I thought I was being a thoughtful model Mum when I gave them heart shaped pizza bases to build on.  They took the toppings and arranged them into faces….nothing particularly unusual there…..but then they sprinkled on a herb beard.  A herb beard.  Genius.

Of course, there are bigger achievements on a daily basis.  Like when my 6 year old pointed out that an ‘adverb’ is like an ‘adjective verb’….because it describes the doing word.  Oh yeah.  Very good.  Gold star.

I might appear easily impressed but, as I said, I am seeing the joy in simple things now. Thanks home education, you ever surprising and brilliant way of life.




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