Follow The Leader

I am noticing huge changes in the kids since we started our home ed journey but I’m the one who needs the most work.

To be completely honest, any bumps in the road are for me to iron out.  I still need de-schooling.  I am well and truly schooled and I am just a wannabe hippie.  I will get there but it is taking me a while to really, fully embrace this new lifestyle.  There is a whole heap of adjustment to go through and I need to tap into my inner child.

The difference in the mental health and well being of the kids is unreal.  They are so much more relaxed, confident, sociable and willing to try new things.  One of the major changes I noticed recently, has been in their ability to entertain themselves.

After school and weekends used to find me standing by the toy cupboard, listing their options. Many times, I would have to set up and oversee activities and I genuinely believed modern children were losing their imagination.  They were so used to being timetabled and shepherded at school, they were expecting the same to happen at home.

Not now.  Now they seem to know what they need and want to be doing….and then they do it.  They will quietly slope off and play with action figures for ages, they will select puzzle books, cards and board games, they will get outside and trampoline, ride their bikes or set up ‘shops’. They just seem much more capable of imaginative play.

The changes in their behaviour and mental well being have been so positive and yet, here I am worrying that we need to be doing more ‘school type’ things. I need to take their lead much more.  From now on, I will look at them for inspiration because, unlike the education system, they know exactly what kids need.





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