The Soft Play Phenomenon

We only started our home education journey last September.  That seems like such a short time and we have seen some pretty dramatic shifts in the behaviour of the kids.  It is honestly like voodoo has happened in our home.

One of the small things we have both noticed since home educating, is the difference in the way our children play now.  We regularly take them to the soft play places, they love them.  We love them too, for in spite of the overpowering stench of urine and outstanding levels of cacophony, hubby and I can always enjoy a weak coffee and conversation that lasts for more than 4 minutes without interruption. So we go to them – a lot.

When our children were schooled, they would run around like they hadn’t been out of the house for a month, jump, slide, climb and generally have fun.  They would be near other children but that was about it.  I would encourage them to find out the names of children they were playing next to and they would look at me like I had lost my tiny mind.

Now our children are home educated, they play differently at these places.  They come running back to report who they have met, what they are called and how they are on a team.  Totally different.  The new friends even find it hard to say Goodbye in some cases  because they have properly connected and not played selfishly. It is a beautiful thing.

In addition to this, they are so much better at dealing with younger ones….and older ones…and adults.  They are much more confident and willing to speak for themselves. The soft play phenomenon is a small part of a bigger picture.  Now they don’t only mix with the same 30 kids every day, they are much more…sociable.  Who would have thunk it?







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