Circus Freaks

“But they’ll be social freaks”

Yep.  Pretty sure with oddball parents like us, they are going to be freaks – in school or out.

Seriously, I never bought into that idea.  Never.  Saying home-educated children are likely to be social outcasts is about as sensible as saying that all schooled children are not.  I went to school.  Case closed.

If I cast my mind back (many, many years) to my school days, I can most definitely recall shy, quiet loners.  I can certainly remember the kids who chose to be alone and the ones who had that thrust upon them.  I know there were angry, dangerous kids who pushed people away.  I am pretty certain that school did not do that to them – although it did very little to save them.  So, I will not accept that all schooled children are better off socially and I will never believe that all home-educated children are sad, lonely, social freaks.

When we started considering home education, that was the first thing people would say. It is the first concern people have and I can now speak with absolute certainty that there is zero need to be worried about that one.  In fact, I now view school as a barrier to healthy socialization and the home education route opens up many, many opportunities for meeting people, making friends and maintaining old friendships.  Zero concern.

Parents have a huge role to play in the social life of their child.  School can’t accept responsibility for every aspect of a child’s lifestyle and behaviour.  The foundations are laid at home.  So, when you take school out of the equation, you actually lose very little on that front.

When I told my daughter’s teacher about our plans to remove her from the education system, her words were “No! It would be social suicide”.

I am pleased to say, we ain’t dead yet.












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