They say you should walk for a mile in another person’s flip flops before you judge (or something) and that annoys me.

I am annoyed that anyone would need to be told that.  I am annoyed about the amount of censorship that goes on between fellow humans, friends even.  In fact, especially friends. Not real ones but Facebook ones.  We think Facebook is great but only if you don’t use it to promote yourself (that gets irritating), don’t be all cryptic (that is attention seeking), don’t be political (this is not the place for it), don’t show me your dinner (how boring), only do very specific Facebook posts within the confines of the unwritten Facebook rules or you will be judged.  But while they are judging you, they will putting up pretty memes with spiritual messages about how we should ‘walk a day in another man’s flip flops’ (or something).  Oh please.

Live your life the way you want to live it (without hurting others) and keep your nose out elsewhere.  Simple.

I have not come up against much criticism since we decided to home-educate and maybe that is because I’m ready for them.  I think I emanate ‘F-Off’ vibes and I could not care less what people think when my kids are out and about during term time.  I have zero interest in the opinion of others because I know that what we are doing is right for our kids – right now.  It may change – we are not saying school is never going to happen – but we are living in the present and right now, this is working for them in the most positive way imaginable.

I am troubled by the stories I hear from other home-edders who have experienced negative reactions from family, friends and even strangers.  In some cases they are subjected to the third degree by old ladies in National Trust shops.  Now, we have to accept that for a lot of people who do not know about home education, it will be curiosity….which is understandable. Questions about the structure of the day, curriculum choice or your own qualifications are very often asked in innocence.  It is our reaction that is key. If we are secure in the knowledge that we are doing the right thing for our children (right now) then these innocent questions will be just that.  If we react as if wounded by gentle enquiry, then we need to take a bit of time to remind ourselves why we are doing it.  That happy, outgoing child with a newfound thirst for knowledge and lust for life, is the reason.  Any person who would challenge that is as bad as the Facebook censor who possibly needs to concentrate on their own life a little more.

So, anyone who has any concerns about our decision is more than welcome to borrow my flip flops…..maybe have a go at the school run, see how far you get.






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